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Surface Heating Film

Sustainable heating for tomorrow’s world

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Why choose heating from HEAT!

The HEAT! heating system is unique. It is the only patented heating application where the carbon film can be glued directly onto a surface such as (under) floor and wall.

As a result - unlike comparable products - the film is placed seamlessly and without intermediate layers under a tiled floor, for example. Or the film can be laid onto an existing floor without having to be broken out.

In general, our heating system has many advantages:

  • In combination with solar panels, a closed heating circuit
  • no wear and tear, no maintenance
  • efficient conversion of electricity into heat (no heat loss)
  • the warmth is comfortable and heats the room evenly
  • no dry air, no air circulation and therefore allergy/airway friendly
  • each room can be individually set in terms of temperature
  • easy to install and use alongside existing heating
  • also applicable in garden offices, workspaces and guest rooms
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The coating

To attach the film, we use a special waterproof adhesive. This HEAT! adhesive ensures that the film can be attached directly to a subfloor or wall and that the top layer can be glued directly on top of the film. So ultra-thin and no more intermediate or air layers!
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The film

The carbon foil, with a CE and Kiwa declaration, used by HEAT! is of high quality and produced in such a way that the coating around the heating elements adheres seamlessly to the special HEAT! adhesive.
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The connector

Special applications require special components. Because the standard film connectors were too thick, HEAT! developed a unique connector. This thin connector makes the connection between the film and a copper bar connected to the electricity grid.
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The environment

The entire process within HEAT! is sustainable. All aspects are tested for their contribution to our environment. But that's not all: the contents and packaging of the HEAT! box are fully recyclable and biodegradable!

We are HEAT!

HEAT! was founded by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs, each with their own knowledge, skills and specialism. Due to this combination, almost all disciplines of entrepreneurship are fulfilled within HEAT! This allows us to focus on the application and further development of our products as well as on sustainable growth of the company.

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Marc van Kruijsdijk
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Nick van Kruijsdijk

A company born from...

Passion for a sustainable business, that is the core. What could be better than being able to heat a room, a building or an entire house without having to use fossil fuels?

From that question, we looked at possibilities, at opportunities. Not threats. We had a bucket of glue, we had a roll of heating film. And we knew that gas-free heating was becoming the future. That was the beginning of HEAT!

HEAT! and the sustainable road

Because sustainable business is more than just selling a HEAT! box, we have measured our processes and products against our own sustainability yardstick. Processes must be green, such as CO2-neutral transport, products must be recyclable and our suppliers must demonstrate their contribution to the world of tomorrow.

And we have our Toolbag assembled and packaged by people with a distance to the labour market so that they too can make a valuable contribution to the world of tomorrow.